Reducing supply

Clandestine drug labs

The number of drug labs detected in Victoria has increased significantly over the past ten years.

The Victorian Government will invest $4.5 million to expand Victoria Police’s Forensic Drug Branch to help track down and close more clandestine drug labs.

New laws to stop dealers

New offences will be introduced to target people who deal ice to school children or around school premises.

New offences will also target the publication of instructions for how to make ice, allowing a premises to be used as a clandestine drug lab and using violence or threats to force another person to deal ice.

Controlling supply of precursor chemicals

Over-the-counter pharmacy medicine and common household chemicals are often used to manufacture ice. Controlling the supply of chemicals that have a wider and legitimate purpose is complex.

The Victorian Government will work with industry, Victoria Police and the Commonwealth on the most effective ways to prevent illicit use of these chemicals.